Free Stuff


Free Stuff? You Bet!

   The course catalog contains a list of all of the CE courses available on CEvantive® and yes, these have a charge. However, the course catalog also contains a number free courses and interviews with various leaders and authors in chiropractic. These audio interviews are available free of charge. A profile of each person interviewed can be found on the course catalog. Just click the "Course creator profile" tab to read about each person. The site also has a number of free courses designed for the chiropractic assistant in your office. Just register and choose the appropriate course from the general course catalog.

So, just what is free? Good question:

1.    Free Stroke and manipulation course: This is a free version of the 2-hour course that is normally $50 for CE credit, but we allow students and others to take the course at no cost. Sorry, no CE hours are provided for the free course. Simply register and select the free course that is the first listing in the course catalog. Detailed instruction for signing up and starting this course is available here.
2.    Audio interview with Louis Sportelli DC on the topic of malpractice insurance.
3.    Audio interview with Thomas LaBrot DC on x-ray utilization trends in chiropractic.
4.    Audio interview, 2 part, with David Chapman-Smith, Esq. Mr. Chapman-Smith is the President on the World Federation of Chiropractic.
5.    Audio interview, 3 part, with Richard Reinjohn, Esq. This interview covers preparing for a deposition.
6.    Audio interview, Shawn Steel, Esq. This interview discusses the National Association of Chiropractic Attorneys.
7.    Audio interview, 4 parts, Steven Hunt, Esq. The four part interview discusses dealing with inquiries and disciplinary actions by your State Board.
8.    Audio interview, 3 part, with Edward Stark, Esq. Preparing for your malpractice deposition.

All of these courses and interviews can be located by clicking the Course Catalog button on the left side of the page.