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                               Remediation Courses

 What are the CEvantive University® Remediation courses?

CEvantive University provides chiropractors three different remediation courses. Click on the course titles below to see a description of all modules:

- Moral Turpitude:

- Fraud:

- Sexual Boundary Issues:

Each remediation course is presented in 3-4 modules. Each module is purchased with a separate fee and each module is timed. A summary test follows each module. Each course and module is clearly labeled "REMEDIATION COURSE"  and can be located in the "Course Catalog." These courses do NOT count as continuing education in any State. No refunds are given for those desiring CE credit.

Who needs a CEvantive University® Remediation course?

Some chiropractors have been accused of inappropriate behavior by the State Chiropractic Board. These doctors take our Remediation courses for one of two reasons:

1. Because the State Board has ordered the doctor to take a course on ethics involving moral turpitude, fraud or sexual boundary issues. The course will be needed to obtain their license or meet a board requirement.

2. Because the doctor wishes to show the State Board they have taken the opportunity learn more about the issue that caused their license to be disciplined. It is impressive to show the board you have sought out additional education on these issues.


What do you do when you complete your course?

After you complete all modules in a CEvantive remediation course you will wish to document your course completion. Each student can activate the CEvantive transcript feature that will allow you to e-mail your transcript to the board, your attorney or any other interested person.


CEvantive University® offers each student a transcript. We maintain a complete record of your course work. We also maintain an accounting of the number of courses taken and the progress made within each course. Our transcript service allows all of this information to be emailed to any regulatory board, PPO, or other organizations, at your discretion.